Clear Your Septic Tank and Drain Field of Tough Clogs & Sludge

...and Keep it Clean!

Accelerator by Dr. Pooper is NOT JUST ANOTHER BACTERIA or ENZYME. It's a BIO-ACCELERATOR. See what that means. 

Clear Your Septic Drain Field and Tanks of Tough Clogs and Sludge

...and KEEP them Clean!

Accelerator by Dr. Pooper is NOT JUST ANOTHER BACTERIA or ENZYME. It's a BIO-ACCELERATOR. See what that means. 

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Drain Field Cleaner

Drain Field Cleaner cleans your entire septic system including your tank and drain/leach field. Safe for all systems.

When your system has tough organic clogs and sludge causing backups, odors, or wet areas in the yard, Drain Field Cleaner is the place to start. 

Accelerator by Dr. Pooper®

Our original formula, Accelerator by Dr. Pooper®, cleans stubborn organic clogs and sludge in septic tanks and keeps the entire system clean and flowing smoothly.

When your tank has a layer of scum or clogs and sludge are keeping it from flowing properly, Accelerator by Dr. Pooper® is your best cleaning and maintenance option.


We were having all kinds of issues we dug up pipes changed pipes everything. Finally said ok we gotta call someone to come fix this.. hubby saw ad for this and decided to give it one last try... Omg they worked with just the first treatment!!! Did a second like was suggested and have not had any issues since.. saved us a fortune in septic cost.


This amazing product cleaned 20 years of poop from our land fill. If it rained, we couldn't even flush the toilet or do a load of laundry because the pipes were full. We were having the septic tank pumped between 3-5 times a year. I can't say enough what a great product this is! Like having a new septic system again.

Tori McKee

We have tried the typical rid x and other septic solutions but this one did the job you could tell a huge difference after the first use.would definitely recommend trying this before you spend a fortune on having septic pumped out


The product works just like it says. It cleaned out our septic tank by turning everything to liquid. Highly recommend it

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    Not Just Another Bacteria or Enzyme

    Accelerator by Dr. Pooper is a BIO-Accelerator, which means it accelerates and invigorates the reproduction and growth of bacteria -- by up to 40 TIMES! 

  • tank and leach field

    Clears Drain Fields Fast

    The Drain Field Cleaner by Dr. Pooper was developed to clean and clear organic solids and sludge from septic tanks and drain and leach fields -- usually within 10 days. 

  • keep septic system flowing smoothly

    Keeps Septic Systems Flowing Smoothly

    Accelerator by Dr. Pooper was developed to clear clogs and built-up sludge in septic tanks and pipes and KEEP THEM CLEAN. 

  • eleminated foul odors removebg

    Eliminates Foul Odors

    Accelerator by Dr. Pooper eliminates foul septic odors by stopping the production of the gases that creates those foul, embarrassing stinks. 

  • easy to use just flush

    Easy to Use -- Just Flush!

    Accelerator by Dr. Pooper® products are easy to use. Just put it in a toilet and flush. If you have access to your septic tank or distribution box, you can put the product directly into the system that way. 

  • non toxic removebg

    Safe, Non-toxic, All-natural

    All of the Accelerator by Dr. Pooper® products are safe and non-toxic. Safe for your system, safe for your yard and garden, safe for kids and pets. 

  • commercial_strength-removebg

    Commercial Strength

    The Drain Field Cleaner is based on our commercial products for safety cleaning organic waste and clogs from municipal wastewater systems and livestock lagoons, which have tens of thousands up to millions of gallons of water and waste. 

  • effectice and safe for all systems

    Effective and Safe for All Systems

    Accelerator by Dr. Pooper® products are effective and safe for all systems -- aerobic, anaerobic, gravity-fed, iron tanks, ceramic tanks and pipes, PVC, and aerated systems.