Earn 15% Commission on Sales You Bring to DoctorPooper.com

Individuals, businesses, and non-profits are invited to participate.

Affiliate Program Details

The program is simple: You earn 15% commission on sales from people you send to our website via your affiliate link (or if they use your coupon code).

How to Sign Up:

  1. Complete the form on the left
  2. We will review your application
  3. Once approved, you will get your link and/or coupon code to promote
  4. You get paid 15% on sales you bring to us

More Program Details: 

  • Commission: 15% on sales made via your link or coupon code
  • Customizable affiliate links
  • Cookie duration: The cookie tracking visits from affiliate links last 90 days
  • When paid: your commissions are paid 45 days after the sale (to account for returns and non-payments)
  • No limit on sales and/or commissions you can make
  • No minimum requirements on sales/or commissions to be an affiliate
  • Restrictions: we reserve the right to review the placement(s) of your affiliate link(s) and/or coupon codes and to revoke your affiliate account if the placement and/or content around them is offensive and/or inconsistent with our brand and messaging


General Statement About the Affiliate Program

This affiliate program was created because of common requests for it. We want our affiliate partners to make extra income from the program by selling products they can stand behind because they provide excellent value to their audience(s).

We simply ask that our affiliates get to know our products -- that they understand the basics of how they work, and what they do and do not solve -- so that they are correctly and appropriately informing our mutual customers.

Any information we find to be misleading or incorrect must be removed or corrected, or that affiliate partner will be removed from the program.