Drain Field Cleaner by Dr. Pooper


Commercial Strength

The Drain Field Cleaner “FS66” tablets (15 included with Drain Field Cleaner) are the residential and light-commercial version of our commercial/industrial products developed for cleaning organic solids (poop) from commercial livestock lagoons (handling the waste of thousands of cattle, for instance) and municipal wastewater systems. Both of these applications require a product that is totally safe for the environment, 100% safe for animals, and ultra-effective.

Not Just Another Bacteria

Remember! Our products are NOT JUST ANOTHER BACTERIA or ENZYME. We make BIO-ACCELERATORS. The Accelerator by Dr. Pooper formula super-activates the bacteria in your system to make the REPRODUCE & MULTIPLY UP TO 40 TIMES FASTER than normal.

It also invigorates their appetites so THE MASSIVE ARMY of HUNGRY BACTERIA EAT LIKE CRAZY and clear your system of organic clogs, sludge, and scum layers.

Recommended Use

First, use Drain Field Cleaner to clear your system (instructions on label).

Then use Accelerator for stay-clean maintenance (instructions on label).

You can adjust the amount of Drain Field Cleaner you use based on if your system is backing up (use more) or you just want to re-invigorate and/or give it a good cleaning (use less). Depending on your use, this is an 8 to 14-month supply.

Clear Organic Sludge & Scum Like Crazy

Our products DO NOT clear inorganic “flushable” wipes, plastic, diapers, roots, or other inorganic waste materials. Our products clear and clean organic waste (poop) and the grease and food-based oils that cause “scum”.

Safe & Non-Toxic

Safe for all systems — even old iron, ceramic, and rope-wrapped systems and pipes.

Safe & non-toxic. Dr. Pooper’s Drain Field Cleaner and the Accelerator by Dr. Pooper are safe for your yard, pets, and children (but you still shouldn’t ingest them as they accelerate bacterial growth).

Made in America

AND, all Dr. Pooper products are developed and MADE IN THE USA.

Try it Before You Pump! Save Hundreds of Dollars AND Get Rid of Frustrating Septic Problems!

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