Accelerator by Dr. Pooper Septic Tank Cleaner & Maintenance


Accelerator by Dr. Pooper was developed from commercial products designed for the safe and environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance of municipal wastewater systems. 

The formula is PROVEN in commercial applications as well as in thousands of residential septic systems across America.

It’s not simply an enzyme or bacteria. It’s a BIO-ACCELERATOR. It super-activates the naturally occurring bacteria in your septic system so they reproduce, grow, and EAT up to 40 times more than usual. 

Here’s some more info about it:

  • Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back
  • Each 32 Ounce Bottle Includes an Initial Cleaning Dose PLUS 6 Months of Maintenance
  • Eliminates Awful and Embarrassing Odors within Hours
  • Prevents Overflows
  • Prevents or Eliminates the Need for Septic Pump Service
  • Turns Organic Solids into Liquid & Harmless Gases
  • Clears Even Huge Organic Waste Blockages
  • Ideal Cleaning & Maintenance Solution
  • Works in Aerobic & Anaerobic Septic Systems
  • Safe for Old, Fragile Systems (Iron, Ceramic, or PVC)
  • Maintains Clean Drain Fields to Keep Your Yard Free of Surface Waste
  • Safe, All-Natural, No-worry Ingredients
  • Creates & Maintains a Healthy Septic Biome
  • Invented & MADE IN THE USA

Try it Before You Pump! Save Hundreds of Dollars AND Get Rid of Frustrating Septic Problems!



Actual Customer Testimonials

Homeowner — Cleared the Solids AND Odor

“Un-real! It took a week to clear the [organic solids in the tank] so you saved me from pumping. I also noticed the smell went away and, no offense, but I didn’t expect that to actually happen. I’ve been using it ever since. You’ve got a fan here.”

— Mark W.

Homeowner — Canceled Pump Service

“I can’t believe it. We were about to order the $468 pump service and canceled it. It was full of built-up [organic solids in the tank]. We poured the Accelerator in the toilet and BOOM! A week later no more problems. Flowin’ smooth! This stuff is crazy.”

— Robert Voss

Commercial Office — “a Game-Changer”

“Thank you Dr. Pooper! What an amazing product. Owning a septic system in a commercial building and cleaning it out has been just a real pain for us. We used to have it cleaned out about every nine months.

We have been using Accelerator for over a year. We put one ounce down the toilet every week and flush. How simple.

We have not paid to have this cleaned out since July 2018. On very rainy days we used to experience backups and the toilets would not flush. Not a problem anymore as there is plenty of room now for the water to flow out in the septic system. This is just so simple it has taken my concerns and problems that we used to experience owning a septic system and removed them by simply dropping an ounce of Dr Pooper’s Accelerator and flushing it down the toilet once a week. We have seen the results and believe that this is a game-changer, and very grateful that we have this product. Thank you Dr Pooper!”

— John Keenan, Keenan Insurance

Travel Trailer — Cleared Clogs, Removed Odors

“While I was having some issues with clogging sewer lines, a completely full 40gl tank and odor inside due to the backup in my fifth wheel travel trailer, I was introduced to Dr. Pooper. Within the first 24 hours I was blown away by how quick it was effective. Nearly immediately, the odor disappeared from inside the trailer. Within a few hours it broke the clog in the pipes loose and after a couple of days my internal septic tank was completely free of any solids.

Prior to using Dr. Pooper I would have to take my trailer, which I use heavily, to the dump station once a month. Using Dr. Pooper exclusively has cut that down to once every three months. I’ve also found it extremely useful in my marine porta-potty with the same level of success. I highly recommend Dr. Pooper for all your septic products!”

— Kirk Am Rhein

Pet Use — Saved Our Mini Septic System!

“I have a Doggie Dooley in-ground dog waste septic tank and it was having a lot of trouble keeping up with the influx of dog waste. It was overflowing, smelly and we were planning on abandoning it until I found Dr. Pooper’s Accelerator.

Once we started using the Accelerator we saw a noticeable improvement in the speed at which waste is “taken care of” in the Doggie Dooley and the smell was completely eliminated!

Dr. Pooper was EXTREMELY helpful in explaining what was happening with our system and why it wasn’t working, and even helped scale the Accelerator solution down to fit our mini septic tank!

We will definitely be purchasing more Accelerator for use in our in-ground dog waste system! Thank you Dr. Pooper!

Best of luck with your business and thanks again for all your help!


Dave Root
Cleveland, OH”

Homeowner — Saved $500 on Pumping, Cleared in 3 Days

“Recently I had my aerobic septic system inspected. The representative from the septic company informed me that the first and second tanks were solidified and would require a truck to come out and pump out both tanks. He indicated the cost to be around $500 for this service.

Discussing this issue with a friend he told me of a product he would like to try. He started by checking the middle tank. It was mostly solidified top to bottom. The first tank wasn’t much better.

We started the process of the additives to the tanks on Saturday. By the following Tuesday, the middle tank only had a few inches of the solidified composition. Same thing with the first tank.

These products are nothing short of amazing. This process eliminates the need for my yard getting trenched by a large pumping truck as well as the money it has saved me. Revolutionary to say the least.”

— Duane Fugate