Signs of a Failing Drain Field: What You Need to Know

A septic system’s drain field plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the entire system. It’s responsible for filtering and distributing wastewater back into the ground. However, over time, drain fields can fail due to various reasons, leading to costly repairs and even potential health hazards. If the drain field stops working, the…

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The Future of Septic Treatment: Why Accelerator by Dr. Pooper®️ is a Game-Changer

In the realm of household maintenance, few things are as crucial yet often overlooked as septic system care. For decades, homeowners, plumbers, septic professionals, and commercial maintenance professionals have grappled with the challenges posed by organic solids buildup, foul odors, and the inevitable need for frequent septic pumping. However, a revolutionary solution has emerged on…

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DIY Septic Care: Safe Practices for Homeowners

Maintaining a healthy septic system is important to the overall well-being of your home and daily life. It’s even important for the environment that your home’s waste is being treated properly by your septic system. As a responsible homeowner, it’s essential to understand the importance of septic tank care and adopt safe do-it-yourself (DIY) practices.…

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Understanding the Impact of Household Chemicals on Septic Systems

Septic systems play a crucial role in managing household wastewater efficiently. While these systems are designed to handle various types of waste, the impact of household chemicals on septic systems is often underestimated. Household chemicals can have various effects on septic systems, potentially impacting their functionality and longevity. Here are some key effects: Disruption of…

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What NOT to Flush: Protecting Your Septic System from Common Hazards

While septic systems are designed to handle human waste and biodegradable materials, certain items or chemicals should never find their way into your toilet. Let’s explore the common hazards that can jeopardize your septic system’s efficiency and longevity and provide insight into why you should never flush down your drains! Disposable Wipes Myth: “Flushable” wipes…

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Does Putting Raw Meat in a Septic Tank Keep it Clean?

Don't put raw meat in your septic tank

In the realm of oddball home remedies and curious cleaning solutions, you’ve probably heard a myriad of unusual suggestions and “putting raw meat in the septic tank to keep it clean” is definitely at the top of the list of the most common crazy remedies. Let’s delve into this quirky proposal and see if there’s…

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How Often Should I Have my Septic Tank Pumped?

septic tank maintenance and inspections are important for the longevity of your septic system

For homeowners with septic systems, maintenance isn’t just a suggestion—it’s a necessity. Among the key maintenance tasks is the use of great septic cleaning treatments like Accelerator by Dr. Pooper® and periodic pumping of the septic tank. But with so many factors in play, the question often arises: how often should you pump your septic…

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What is The Baffle in a Septic Tank For?

Diagram showing parts of a septic tank, including baffles and separate chambers

Septic systems are crucial for waste management in many homes and businesses, especially those located in areas without centralized sewer systems. At the heart of these systems is the septic tank, a subterranean chamber responsible for the primary treatment of wastewater. And within this tank is an often-underestimated component called the baffle. But what exactly…

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Should I Put Yeast in my Septic Tank?

Should you put yeast in your septic tank? Sure, but don't expect much.

When it comes to septic tank maintenance, you’ve probably heard of various home remedies, one of which being the addition of yeast to your system. Many homeowners wonder, “Does yeast clean a septic tank?” The answer is not as straightforward as one might think, and it’s crucial to understand the science behind septic systems and…

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